Clean is in Our Name


Office cleaning is one of the jobs that need to be fulfilled with perfect care and yet, becomes successful when people hardly notice it. If your company premises never has cleanliness issues and hygiene is never a complaint that you receive from your customers and valued clients, it signifies the fact that your cleaning partner is performing well enough. However, commercial cleaning requires more than a human staff and equipment to arm them. The successful commercial cleaning venture comprises of a wealth of experience that constantly keeps them vigilant on performing their tasks in a way that brilliance is achieved on a daily basis. Mint commercial cleaning becomes different from other office cleaning companies because they do certain things that their counterparts simply don’t.

Prestigious Name

The top reason why Mint Commercial Cleaning can be trusted as an office cleaning partner is because of the prestige it has owned  in the cleaning industry. Mint has worked with companies of various capacities and therefore, has catered perfect solutions for their needs after paying utmost attention on their individual requirements. The good name and experience Mint has acquired is through nothing but sheer dedication and self-application.

The World Class System

The standardized cleaning system of Mint Commercial Cleaning sets itself apart from other cleaning services. The company utilizes eco-friendly cleaning products to cater to the kind of challenge your company may pose when it comes to cleaning.  The cleaning regimen is flexible to customization, and from the point of consultation, Mint guarantees to provide personalized solutions for the cleaning matter you have at hand.

Dedicated Staff

Just as the breath of fresh air the word ‘Mint’ brings to your mind, the dedicated staff will make that freshness a reality with their expertise and the refreshing attitude towards making the heart of your business a place where progress becomes normative. Our staff consists of people who have experience in the industry having invested their time and expertise into solving matters regarding commercial cleaning for a long time. Therefore, the wealth of experience they would bring into providing you with a solution would be something you won’t be able to acquire from anyone else but Mint Commercial Cleaning. 

With the prestige, wealth of experience and the dedicated staff, there’s no mountain we won’t climb until we serve your need till you’re fully satisfied. Get your cleaning quote from Mint Commercial Cleaning and concentrate on your business whilst we take care of all the cleaning hassle, without it ever surfacing to bother you.