Office Commercial Cleaning Requirements – The Basics

It is important to get your cleaning requirements right at the start and at Mint Commercial cleaning we go through your specific requirements when we first evaluate your office, so make sure you ask us to do everything you require.

Give Your Office Commercial Cleaning Company Specific Requirements

Start by visually surveying your office at the end of the day

How many desks are clear of paperwork?

How many desks have work left on them?

Now determine how each case should be handled. If a desk is clear of paperwork and other personal and work items, it is easy enough to specify that the desk should be properly cleaned and sanitized.

Desk cleaning specifications

A poorly written specification might read: “clean desks”. Well if the cleaner is using the same cloth for all 40 workstations or just using a damp cloth instead of a proper cleaning solution you will have issues with the spreading of infection and germs.

A better specification may read: clean clear desks with a proper disinfectant solution taking care to follow methods that insure the prevention of cross contamination from other surfaces.

In a case where you have 40 workstations you would need at least 5 proper cleaning cloths If you do not have any unusually dirty surfaces the cleaner will be able to perfectly use up 8 sides of the cloth by folding them in quarters and rotating the cloth to the clean unused sides as they progress through the cleaning.

At Mint Commercial Cleaning we always clean to the highest standard and will always sanitize the desks with the correct cleaning solution to prevent cross contamination.  We always give our employees the correct specifications and training on how to this effectively.

Garbage Removal Specifications

Another key area to survey at the end of the day is the garbage bins.

If they are overflowing then more frequent service may be necessary.

If you are already using daily or 5 day a week service then investing in larger garbage cans may be in order.

The time to empty garbage bins can take up a large portion of the budgeted cleaning time. Garbage removal take up the lions share of cleaning time when the frequencies of service are not adequate.

It should take 1-2 minutes to remove garbage and replace a liner. You need to budget more like 3 minutes though if the garbage is overflowing or the fact that there is a lot of garbage causes additional messes to clean in the process of removing.

Add the walking time to the garbage bin; since in most cases building will not have large rolling bins to store garbage as the cleaners empty them. In this case you really do not want the bags of garbage to be left sitting on floors or carpets.

The exact garbage removal process that you want us to follow is something that needs to be specified. At Mint Commercial Cleaning we can facilitate whatever you require if you just let us know your needs.


So when determining what your ideal office cleaning specifications are you should:

Take a walk around your office at the end of the day to look for the visual clues as to what your specific cleaning needs are.

Be specific what you want your outcomes to be and the requirements you have and what you would like us to do.