Cleaning Combats Odors

Not many people realize that scented products can cause as many problems as odors themselves, they are made to remove or mask the odor, but one of the issues that have arose is that guests are saying they sometimes have a negative reaction to the strong fragrance in odor-control dispensers. 

When choosing fragrances for odor control the key is to choose light, fresh scents.  It is also best not to mix too many scents within the same building as this can smell worse than the original odor.

At Mint commercial cleaning we educate or staff on the best fragrances to use in a building to make sure that it smells clean, fresh and doesn’t overpower you with a mix of different fragrances.

Cleaning Is Key to Odor Control

One of the biggest mistakes with odor control is to think a scented device will take care of any problems with odor management.

Odor control starts with a proper cleaning routine, which includes regular maintenance of everything from carpet and furniture to restroom fixtures and floors. At Mint Commercial Cleaning we make sure that a thorough clean is done to get rid of the odors rather than just mask them.

It’s important for us to create a comprehensive odor management program that includes regular cleaning procedures supplemental fragrance products which then allows your premises to remembered for the cleanliness not the smell of it.

We always ask ourselves what would a customer see and smell, which then allows us to make sure that it’s only the best and not have any issues.