Would You Recognize Bed Bugs?

Know what you're looking for next time you bug-check your hotel room.

Before staying in a hotel bedroom, you should give your bed a thorough check.  The itchy bites you get from bed bugs as they snack on your blood during your stay, can also get into your luggage or hold onto your clothes so you end up taking then home as well.

Even if you are diligent about checking would you recognize one when you see one.  Here are some examples of different bugs see if you can tell which one is a bed bug?

If you can’t guess then you’re not alone, about 42% of leisure travelers and 29% of business travelers didn’t know.  Only 28% of leisure travelers and 35% of business travelers would choose correctly.

The real bedbug picture is number 4, in order the others are ant, termite, louse and tick.

When you’re looking for bed bugs make sure to check mattress seams, behind headboards and on chairs and couches as these are the best places to find evidence.  You may also spot there droppings which are generally roundish, dark brown to red spots, typically with several in the same area.  They also shed their skin which you can spot they look like the actual bed bug but are light yellow and delicate.

If you think you have bedbugs in your room at a hotel or at home then learn more about how to get rid of them in Mint Commercials Cleaning next blog.  If it’s in a hotel room then report this to reception and ask to change rooms.