Elite Cleaning Agency is the residential side of Mint Commercial Cleaning. Learn more by clicking on the logo. You will be transferred to our site for house cleaning services.

Would you rather

  • Spend quality time with your family… or mop the floor?
  • Grow in your career… or clean the toilet?
  • Relax after a long work day… or track down that cleaner who flaked?

Whether it's a free moment after work or before the day begins, peace of mind is a precious commodity. We specialize in giving you back some of your free time by keeping both your home and your schedule uncluttered. Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time relaxing or having fun rather than house cleaning? Nashville families can get their free time back with Mint Commercial Cleaning’s house cleaning services.

After all, your house is not just a house, it’s also a home. Our experienced housekeepers fully understand this.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality in customer service at affordable rates.