Training Instructions

  1. Log in to website
  2. Watch videos
  3. Take and pass all quizzes

1. How to Log In:

Username: mincomcleaning
Password: mintcleaning12

Perform the following steps in order

  1. Go to Explore Resources
  2. Go to Training from PGP University
  3. Select Log In Now and log in a second time using the same username and password
  4. Select Building Service Contractor

2. Under the Extended Learning (11 courses) section watch:

  • Janitorial 101 (45 minutes)
  • Restroom Sanitation (56 minutes)
  • GHS/Hazardous Communications (10 minutes)
  • Floor Care Essentials (60 minutes)
  • Hazardous Materials at Work (5 minutes)

3. Press each button to take tests. Each test score will be recorded.